Ashley Olsen NOT Pregnant, Despite Speculative “Bump” Report

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Ashley Olsen Not Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

Ashley Olsen Not Pregnant

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Ashley Olsen is not pregnant, despite a purely speculative report. Gossip Cop can bust this bogus “bump alert.”

Under the headline “Ashley’s Big Cover Up,” NW contends, “Looks like Ashley Olsen might be keeping mum on some exciting news!” The Australian tabloid claims that when she stepped out for a Golden Globes after-party earlier this month, “the gal pal she was with insisted on flicking her dress in front of Ash’s tum to keep it hidden from view.” The gossip magazine deems this “so bizarre.”

A so-called “onlooker” is quoted as saying, “It was definitely super suss. My guess is that it was because Ashley might be pregnant. But I couldn’t get a good enough look at her stomach to tell for sure.” Still, the outlet insists a pregnancy would be a “dream come true” for the former child star, and wonders, “But who’s Ash’s possible baby daddy?” The publication clearly has no idea, and merely mentions that she was “last linked to her longtime friend Hayden Slater in November.”

But contrary to these contentions, Olsen was not engaging in any “belly-blocking stunt.” Paparazzi just happened to snap a picture at the exact moment the other woman held up her outstretched skirt as she walked. Because of the movement, Olsen’s midsection was inadvertently, not intentionally, blocked from view. Just two days prior, Olsen and sister Elizabeth attended a pre-Golden Globes party in which her stomach wasn’t hidden at all. So the notion that she was trying to “cover” a baby bump on January 7 when she wasn’t on January 5 is absurd and doesn’t hold up.

Furthermore, while other outlets noted that Olsen made an appearance at the Golden Globes after-party, none of them went the way of NW and alleged she was trying to conceal a pregnancy. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for the fashion mogul, who exclusively tells us it’s “not true” Olsen is pregnant. The Aussie tabloid acknowledges in its piece that “the star prefers to keep her private life on the down-low.” But that doesn’t give the magazine the right to go making assumptions, particularly inaccurate ones.

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