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Was “attention-seeking” Ashlee Simpson Ross planning on getting plastic surgery in order to steal attention away from older sister Jessica Simpson’s memoir, Open Book? A tabloid made that claim earlier this year. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor.

“Attention-Seeking Ashlee Desperate For Fame!” read the title of one article from NW, with the subheader proclaiming, “The star turns to surgery to steal Jess’ thunder.” Ashlee, the untrustworthy outlet insisted, was “plotting a comeback of her very own after jealously watching Jessica’s resurgence,” and she’d kick off her comeback tour with “a full body makeover.”

The “Lala” singer had apparently been spotted in LA with a “trout pout” that was “oddly shaped” and “very bruised!” A so-called “insider” for the publication confirmed she’d “had her lips done,” adding, “She’s also had some more Botox but wants to go the whole way with boob and butt implants.” The outlet then shamelessly brings up Ashlee’s alleged nose job, which the singer has not confirmed, with the “insider” chiming in that Ashlee’s “always been insecure about her looks and being less famous than Jess.”

That’s apparently the reason the source claimed Ashlee “thinks it will take something big to outshine [Jessica].” What did Jessica think of her younger sister’s plans? A separate insider informed the outlet that Jessica didn’t expect less from her “selfish” sister and was still upset that Ashlee never thanked her for making her famous. Despite being “pissed,” Jessica was “actually more worried that Ash is spiralling,” said the source, insisting that “Jessica fears her sister will go too far in her attempt to grab her moment.” It’s almost certain that those “fears” will never come to pass, since this entire story is likely totally made up.

There can be some arguments made about whether or not Ashlee Simpson Ross has gotten any work done, even her alleged nose job. She has never confirmed or denied the rumors that she’d had her nose worked on, but before and after pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

Besides, the photos used in the article as so-called proof seem to be taken out of context. It seemed to us that Ashlee was fixing her hair and had pursed her lips in concentration, but clearly that's not how this outlet chose to take it. Furthermore, just because she might have had work done in the past doesn’t mean that she’s getting work done now. Especially for as petty a reason as to steal attention from her sister’s memoir, in which Jessica opens up for the first time about being molested as a child. It seems highly unlikely that the sisters, who by all accounts seem to be fairly close, would engage in such trivial fights.

Far from seeming jealous from the attention Jessica’s memoir brought, Ashlee seems happy for her sister. She wrote on Instagram, “I am so very proud of my beautiful, brave, kind, loving sister!!! It’s beautiful to see you sharing your truth with the world. You are so inspiring. I love you so much.” That doesn’t sound like something a sister hellbent on stealing the limelight would say. Once it’s examined critically, the story simply falls apart.

The Simpson sisters are a favorite tabloid target. The National Enquirer reported in 2018 that Jessica Simpson was planning to use her sister’s reality show to make her “singing comeback.” This claim was obviously false, Gossip Cop determined. A few months later, Life & Style made the ridiculous claim that Ashlee and her husband, Evan Ross, were fighting in public over their reality show. Gossip Cop reached out to Ashlee’s rep for answers and were told the story was absolutely “false.” It’s shameful how tabloids will totally make up stories about celebrities just to trick readers into buying their trashy magazines.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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