Ashland Craft, Megan Rose “The Voice” Battle Video – Watch “Good Hearted Woman” Performance

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Ashland Craft Megan Rose Voice Battle

By Shari Weiss |

Ashland Craft Megan Rose Voice Battle


Ashland Craft and Megan Rose sparked the very last steal of “The Voice” Battles for season 13 on Tuesday’s show. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Rose performed “Ode To Billie Joe” for her Blind Audition, which was one of the final ones to air. She helped Miley Cyrus make history upon picking her over Adam Levine to be her coach, as the pop star then became the first coach to ever have an all-female team. Cyrus filled all 12 of her spots with female contestants and only changed things up during the Battles with a steal. As seen on Monday’s installment, Stephan Marcellus became the first male to join Team Miley.

But for Rose to stay a part of the squad, she had to survive a duet performance with another artist on Cyrus’ team. The superstar explained she paired the aspiring star with Craft because they’re her only two “country gals,” and she wanted to move forward with just one singer in that genre. And, like the rest of Cyrus’ Battle song picks, she chose a female-themed tune for them to sing: “Good Hearted Woman” by Waylon Jennings. During rehearsals, they were joined by Billy Ray Cyrus, who partnered with his famous daughter as a special guest mentor. “It’s so cool seeing two women sing ‘Good Hearted Woman.’ I’m not sure I’ve seen that done before,” he gushed, predicting “the sky’s the limit” for them.

And the practice session went so well, both Cyruses joined in for a sing-along. Of course, come show time, it was only Craft and Rose up on that stage. Following the big performance, Levine called Craft “incredible” and shamed both her and Rose for not picking him to be their coach. Blake Shelton called Rose a “discovery,” who was “even” with Craft. Hudson gave the edge to Craft, and Cyrus confessed, “It is a really, really tough decision for me, and I’m really proud of both of you.”

Cyrus could only name one winner, though, and she selected Craft as the contestant to keep on her team. Now Rose faced elimination unless another coach saved her by going for the steal. And that’s exactly what Shelton did! “I’ve been sitting here waiting for somebody like you,” the country performer told her. Check out the video below!

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