Ashland Craft, Chloe Kohanski “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch Performances!

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Ashland Craft Chloe Kohanski Voice Knockouts

By Shari Weiss |

Ashland Craft Chloe Kohanski Voice Knockouts


Ashland Craft faced off with Chloe Kohanski during “The Voice” Knockouts on Monday. Following their strong performances, one of the artists was stolen. Check out the videos below!

The Knockouts require two members of a team to give separate performances. But though they’re not singing together in duets, like during the Battles, this is still very much a showdown. After both contestants have their turn on the stage it’s up to the coach to pick a winner. The victor gets to stay on the team. The other singer is considered “knocked out” of the NBC competition, unless, of course, he or she is stolen by another coach.

For example, following Craft and Megan Rose’s Battle on “The Voice” last week, Miley Cyrus named Craft the winner. Blake Shelton then saved Rose from elimination by stealing her. Now Craft hoped to have success again, this time against another member of Team Miley. As viewers might recall, Kohanski’s Blind Audition had three coaches fighting over her, so this was definitely a match-up to keep an eye on.

In rehearsals with Cyrus and key advisor Kelly Clarkson, Craft was praised for her rocky choice of “Wanted Dead Or Alive.” Kohanski went a different route with “Landslide,” and was commended for the emotion she showed. Their coach thought her artists “switched places,” and that left her unsure of what the end result would be. And following the performances, Jennifer Hudson said this was a “tough” pairing. Adam Levine thought Kohanski “broke out,” and Blake Shelton seemed to agree. Cyrus, though, thought the “unique” Craft would be more of a “challenge” for her, so she scored the win.

But as Kohanski was tearfully saying her goodbyes, Hudson and Shelton hit their buttons at the same time for a “double steal.” Host Carson Daly told her, “You’re back in it. You could win this whole thing.” Agreed Hudson, “I really do think you could win.” Shelton pointed out, though, that he “specializes” in winners, and stressed how much he’s wanted to work with Kohanski all along. Even Levine backed him up, prompting the two to hug. The love fest continued when the aspiring star picked Shelton to be her new coach. Watch the videos below!

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