Asaf Goren ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Audition Video: Hebrew Break Dancer Gets Standing Ovation, Called “Star” — WATCH!

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Asaf Goren So You Think You Can Dance Video

By Shari Weiss |

Asaf Goren So You Think You Can Dance Video


A Hebrew break dancer named Asaf Goren absolutely stunned the judges on Monday’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Watch below!

The Israeli-born dancer, who calls himself “The Hebrew Breaker,” kicked off the third week of auditions, bringing a shofar to the Los Angeles casting call. The 23-year-old surprised and confused the panel when he brought the instrument on stage, and then when he got into position with a prayer shawl over his head. But as soon as the routine began, Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul, and Jason Derulo were riveted.

Goren went on to show off moves that elicited yelps from the panel and his competitors. And just when it seemed like he was finished, the dancer ripped off his shirt, threw a bucket of water on stage, and did some more unbelievable poses. Goren received an enthusiastic standing ovation, and the cameras even showed one fellow auditioner mouthing “wow” repeatedly.

“I think everybody in this theater is absolutely shocked at what they’ve just seen there,” Lythgoe told Goren afterward. “As for me, I have no idea still what Hebrew b-boy is, but I would say, in the British vernacular, that was bloody great B-boying.”

Paul Abdul at first seemed too overcome to speak, and then told Goren he has a “wonderful personality” and “really surprised us.” “We’re definitely going to remember [this],” she declared, with Lythgoe agreeing that his signature move, a breathtaking dive, was exactly the kind of thing they look for.

Jason Derulo told Goren point-blank, “You’re a star.” “I believe that you’re gonna create something that’s special that can change the world,” said the singer-dancer. He admitted that the contender was initially “off-putting” when he came on stage, “but after watching you perform, I understand why you have that amount of confidence because it’s the truth. It’s not being cocky.”

“I believe you 100 percent. And If I can help that dream come true, I’m down,” continued Derulo. Abdul added that Goren’s heart was “bursting out of [his] chest,” and then Derulo and Lythgoe amusingly commented on the dancer’s resemblance to Aladdin and Rock Hudson. Of course, Goren wasn’t the only standout performer of the night. Check out Goren’s audition below, and tell us what you think!


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