Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Donald Trump, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ On ‘Today’ Show (VIDEO)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Today Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Today Show


Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his feelings about president-elect Donald Trump and hosting “The New Celebrity Apprentice” on Thursday’s “Today” show. Watch the full interview in the video below!

“I didn’t even think when I watched ‘Apprentice’ that Trump would ever leave the show,” the actor and former Governor of California said on the morning show. “I always loved watching the show and I said, ‘Why don’t I have a show like that?’” Schwarzenegger continued, “And then all of a sudden, bang! There he was announcing the presidency, off the show and I immediately called [producer] Mark Burnett and said, ‘Hey what about me? I would like to replace him.’”

“Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer went on to ask the star his opinion about Trump remaining an executive producer of the reality show while serving as president. “What was great about it is that he was part of the negotiation,” Schwarzenegger noted. He then joked, “So I get millions of dollars for hosting the show, but NBC doesn’t have to pay for it. Trump makes Mexico pay for it!” As far as the president-elect being a hands-on producer, the actor explained, “I don’t think that he will have time. I think it’s perfectly fine that he has the executive producer credit. He created the show with Mark Burnett together, so why should his credit go? He made it very clear that he has no interest in being involved. It’s now my show. I’m the host, I’m the new boss and I’m gonna run this show.”

Schwarzenegger also opened up about his current relationship with Trump, who he didn’t endorse during the election. “What changed is now he is elected,” the former politician said. “Now it’s very important that we all support the president. That we all come together and we stop whining, and it becomes one nation.” Also during the interview, Schwarzenegger revealed if he’d run for president if he were eligible to do so, and the possible new catchphrase that will replace Trump’s “You’re fired!” Watch the full interview below!

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