Michael Jackson Doctor Arnie Klein Dies

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Dr Arnold Klein Dead

By Shari Weiss |

Dr Arnold Klein Dead

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Michael Jackson’s doctor Arnie Klein died on Thursday. He was 70.

Klein, also known as Arnold, was suffering from multiple sclerosis. He was admitted into a hospital in Palm Springs earlier this week for abdominal pain. While it’s not clear if it was determined what was wrong, Klein died on Thursday night. According to TMZ, the death is said to be of natural causes.

Although best known for working with Jackson, Klein treated a number of celebrities over the years as a dermatologist practicing in Beverly Hills. He had an especially close friendship with Elizabeth Taylor, working with her on a number of AIDS research programs.

Klein’s relationship with Jackson transcended medicine. The two were also longtime friends, with Klein very much treated like a family member. In the days before the music legend’s death, however, he was regularly seen at Klein’s office, where he allegedly received medication, including Demerol.

Klein’s death comes just after a random Twitter user tweeted Jackson’s son Prince with the allegation the doctor is actually his father. “Everyone knows you are a Rowe-Klein NOT A Jackson!! Yall should stop trying to put on a FAKE front and get real,” read the message. As Gossip Cop reported, Prince responded, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb’ I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.”

Klein himself had hinted to being Prince’s biological dad, but TMZ has maintained that he is not. Prince has not commented on Klein’s passing, nor have any Jackson family members at this point. Klein is pictured above with Jackson and Taylor in 2002.


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