Arielle Baril “America’s Got Talent” Video: 12-Year-Old Opera Singer Is A “Winning Act” — WATCH HERE!

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Arielle Baril America's Got Talent Video September 1 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Arielle Baril America's Got Talent Video September 1 2015


12-year-old opera singer Arielle Baril was called a “winning act” on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent,” during the first semifinals episode of season 10. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Baril was Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer pick during the initial auditions, sending her straight to the quarterfinals. She then won America’s vote to make it into this week’s semifinals group. And the tween’s golden voice had Klum giving her Golden Buzzer act another standing ovation.

“You check off all the boxes of a winning act,” Klum declared, going on to rattle off all Baril’s standout qualities. “I’m so happy that I pushed my golden buzzer for you. I am so proud of you.” Mel B, who obviously knows a thing or two about singing, told the contestant, “You are pretty amazing for a 12-year-old. You really are. Hands down.”

Howie Mandel even said, “This is the best of the best.” He went on, “This is the most beautiful, exciting, dangerous, inventive show in the history of television. And you, young lady, were asked to close the show. That’s a tall order. And you did close the show… You rose to the occasion.”

Howard Stern, not known for being the softest person in the world, confessed, “What I like to do with you is, I close my eyes while you sing sometimes. And I go, ‘That voice cannot be coming out of someone so young.’ And it really is quite remarkable. And you really exemplify what this show is about.”

“Isn’t it something to see a 12-year-old up there with such poise, not to crack from the pressure? And to be able to pull that off?” marveled Stern, adding, “We just saw something really wonderful.” On Wednesday, we’ll find out if America agrees.

Baril, who was 11 when the season began, is still the competition’s youngest contestant still in the game this year. Watch below!


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