Ariel Winter Slams Story Claiming She’s Getting Married On 18th Birthday

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ariel winter wedding rumor

By Michael Lewittes |

ariel winter wedding rumor

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Ariel Winter slammed a tabloid story on Wednesday that claims the young star is planning to get married as soon as she turns 18. The “Modern Family” star hilariously called out the report on Instagram, joking, “Here are some EXCLUSIVE deets about my upcoming nuptials.”

Despite Winter’s rep denying the rumor to the tabloid, Star still decided to run a story alleging the 17-year-old actress wants to celebrate her 18th birthday by walking down the aisle with her boyfriend of two years, Laurent Claude Gaudette. A so-called “source” told the magazine, “They’ve been discussing it for months, and she’s already calling him The One.”

The magazine’s fake “insider” didn’t stop there, adding that Winter and Gaudette are considering trading the promise ring he gave her with an engagement ring. “Nobody would be surprised if they swapped it for an engagement ring and eloped come January,” the made up “source” is quoted as saying.

Winter ridiculed the story by posting a side-by-side of the Star article and a mock text conversation with her friend Davina Adjani in which she jokingly listed her wedding demands. “According to star magazine I’m getting married,” Winter wrote her friend, humorously adding, “I want doves to dance around me, 4,000 unicorns, see if Oprah is avail to officiate. Schedule Drake to come and object to stir up some drama and entertain the guests.”

Winter emphasized that she was kidding, and that she’s definitely not getting married, by including on her Instagram post the hashtags, “#imonly17 #letmefinishcollegeapps #thisissilly #notgettingmarried @laurent_claude_gaudette @DavinaAdjani.”

Check out Ariel Winter’s Instagram below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

Ariel Winter Married

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