Ariel Winter Ready To Marry Levi Meaden And Have Kids?

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Ariel Winter Levi Meaden Married Kids

By Andrew Shuster |

Ariel Winter Levi Meaden Married Kids

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A new report claiming Ariel Winter is ready to marry boyfriend Levi Meaden and have kids with him is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. A rep for the actress tells us it’s not true.

HollywoodLife, which frequently pretends to have “exclusive” insider knowledge about celebrities, now claims that the 20-year-old “Modern Family” star is eager to get married and start a family. A so-called “source” tells the site that Winter plans to take a “break from acting” once her TV series ends, and will instead focus on marriage and children. The outlet’s alleged insider says Meaden, who’s 10 years older than his girlfriend, is “on the same wavelength.”

The unreliable blog is basing its story on information from an anonymous, untraceable and almost assuredly nonexistent “source.” Gossip Cop, however, is told on the record by Winter’s own spokesperson that the site’s article is baseless. We’re told the young actress isn’t preparing to get married and start a family at this time, nor does she plan on giving up acting to make that happen.

In fact, Winter mocked Star on Twitter last August after the tabloid published an article with the headline, “Is Ariel Winter Desperate For Boyfriend Levi Meaden To Propose?” The actress sarcastically responded, “Yes and I’m already pregnant to seal the deal. I WILL HAVE HIM!!!!! MUAHAHAHA!” The story in question, which said Winter was begging Meaden to propose, was debunked by Gossip Cop shortly before the actress tweeted about it.

Last November, Winter told People that she sees marriage in her future, but the actress made a point of saying it’s a “long term” goal. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop HollywoodLife from continuing to push its own phony narrative. Less than two weeks after the actress said marriage was a “long term” objective, the blog falsely claimed Winter hoped Meaden would propose on Christmas.

A few weeks later, Gossip Cop busted the untrustworthy website for publishing a follow-up article about Winter and Meaden’s marriage plans getting “derailed.” That phony report claimed the actress’s dad refused to give Meaden permission to marry his daughter. HollywoodLife hid behind unknown “insiders” in all of the stories mentioned above, but Winter’s rep went on the record each and every time to tell Gossip Cop the truth.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed, has very little insight into Winter and Meaden’s romance. The couple’s relationship appears to be going very strong, so it’s entirely possible they’ll get engaged at some point in the future, but those plans aren’t imminent. The blog’s article amounts to fan fiction, not journalism.


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