Ariel Winter is not "hoping" for a "Christmas proposal" from Levi Meaden, despite a report. A certain webloid is claiming to have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" she wants to "get engaged this holiday season," but Gossip Cop is told the story is "nonsense." We can bust the suspect article.

The fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife is quoting a so-called "friend of Ariel's" as saying, "Ariel is dropping hints that her and Levi are going to get engaged soon. She's hoping to get a ring for Christmas. She's already shown Levi the ring she wants, it's something they've openly talked about." Notably, however, the site and its supposed source provide no details about the ring.

In fact, rather than giving any specifics on the couple at all, the purported pal speaks in generalities that would apply to virtually any happy couple. "Ariel's sure that he's the one for her and they do seem to be a really good match. It's a healthy relationship. He's very sweet to her — it's obvious he adores her," contends the outlet's alleged tipster. The publication goes on to note that recently Winter marked their anniversary on Instagram, and that seems to be the impetus for this engagement narrative.

Absurdly, though, the blog ends by asking its readers, "Do YOU think Ariel Winter will get engaged soon?" Um, how should they know? HollywoodLies, as it's known, is supposed to be the one with the inside knowledge. As it turns out, though, this alleged insight is fictional. Although the webloid is claiming to have a source, a rep for Winter bluntly tells Gossip Cop, "They have nothing. This is all nonsense."

Whether or not Winter and Meaden end up getting engaged, no one is feeding information about their relationship to this outlet. Though to be fair, it's not only HollywoodLies that is guilty of pretending to have the low-down on the pair's future. In the last few months, Gossip Cop has busted untrue proposal, wedding and baby tales, including a National Enquirer article just weeks ago that alleged Winter's friends were worried she was going to elope with Meaden. Perhaps the gossip media should just worry about finding real sources.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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