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A tabloid report claiming Ariel Winter and Burt Reynolds were feuding prior to his death is completely untrue. The pair, who co-starred together in one of the actor's final films, were on great terms before he passed away. Gossip Cop can correct the bogus claim otherwise.

Shortly after Reynolds' death on Thursday, the National Enquirer published an article saying the actor's "final showbiz feud" was with the "Modern Family" star. The unreliable outlet adds that the two "didn't get along" while shooting their film The Last Movie Star. The claim is only partially true, but mostly inaccurate.

The tabloid cites an interview Reynolds gave to the New York Post in February, in which he admitted to having "difficulty" with Winter because "she was mouthy" on set. He added, "I told her, 'Don't do that. Do not talk to me like that.' And it stopped."

The conflict was completely resolved after that. Reynolds noted in an interview the the Desert Sun earlier this year, "I just adore [Winter] now, but it took a while before we connected." The actor went on to admit that he had the "exact same" experience with Sally Field on the set of Smokey and the Bandit. Reynolds and Field went on to date for five years.

Meanwhile, Winter posted a lengthy and loving tribute to Reynolds on Instagram following his death on Thursday. The actress described her former co-star as "an incredible man to everyone he encountered," adding, "I am deeply grateful that I got to spend time with him." Winter further stated, "Burt was a kind, loving soul that could brighten your day with just a smile, and always cared to make sure he asked how your day was going or just cheer you up with a charming compliment." These were just a few of the kind words the actress had to say about the late actor.

Reynolds may have had a brief disagreement with the younger actress, but the issue was resolved very quickly. The Enquirer, however, is falsely alleging that the two were feuding up until to his death. Photos from the March premiere of The Last Movie Star further disprove this claim. Winter and Reynolds can be seen chatting and laughing in one image taken on the red carpet. Another picture shows Reynolds kissing Winter on the hand. In addition to all the evidence proving the magazine's story is wrong, a rep for Winter tells us the actress "loved and admired" her late co-star.

Conclusion: The Enquirer is trying to make it seem as if Winter and Reynolds were at odds before his death simply because he admitted they had a small dispute on the set of their movie, which was filmed more than two years ago. The pair grew close in the time that followed, and Reynolds said earlier this year he "adores her." Meanwhile, Winter praised her late co-star on Instagram following his passing. Photos from the film's premiere also prove they had nothing but affection for one another.

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National Enquirer

Burt Reynolds' final showbiz feud was with Ariel Winter.
Friday, September 7, 2018

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Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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