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Ariana Grande is not pregnant with Pete Davidson's baby, despite a report. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight. Grande herself says she doesn't plan on having kids any time soon.

But MediaTakeOut is claiming to have received a "shocking new report" from an "anonymous entertainment insider," who claims she is "allegedly PREGNANT." The site asserts that the purported report "says that her child belongs to her new boyfriend Pete Davidson." The blog goes on to contend that the release date for Grande's new album was pushed from July to August due to the pregnancy.

"Her plan, according to the report, is that she will do a big 'pregnancy reveal' at the MTO Video Music Awards for publicity," alleges the website. But last Gossip Cop checked, it is MTV that sponsors the VMAs, not MTO. Putting aside that apparent typo, the outlet further claims the reason Grande is including an interlude in Davidson's honor on the record is to "officially solidify their relationship and soon to be family." The online publication editorializes, "Wow - that's pretty big news."

That would be big news... if it was true. But the singer is not pregnant, as she herself made clear on Thursday night. When a fan sarcastically tweeted that the star is expecting with a photo of her rolling her eyes, Grande replied on Twitter, "mood for the next few years til i'm actually ready #fertilequeen." When another follower subsequently tweeted that she "would have the cutest babies ever," Grande wrote back on Twitter, "oh absolutely but ......... innnnnnnaaaaawhile."

As for the claim that her record's drop date was changed after she "decided to postpone the release all the way until August," there was never official confirmation that it would be released in July. When Grande discussed Sweetener on "The Tonight Show" in May, she hinted she would do something "special" on the 20th of every month until the album's release. Fans then speculated it would all culminate in a July 20 release date. But on June 20, two days ago, Grande announced the release date for Sweetener is August 17. She never said, however, that the record had been delayed from July.

Conclusion: MediaTakeOut claims to have learned that Grande is pregnant from an "anonymous entertainment insider," but the singer herself is on the record confirming she is not expecting and won't be having kids for "years." It is true there is an interlude named "Pete" on Grande's new album, but it is clearly not to "solidify" their "soon to be family" because they are not having a child.

Additionally, it is also now apparent that Grande didn't delay her album's release due to a nonexistent pregnancy. Lastly, as announced earlier this year, the 2018 MTV VMAs are set to take place on August 20, which will be just three days after her album drops. That makes it likely she will be among the show's performers, but the claim she'll be doing a "pregnancy reveal" at the event is obviously false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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