A new report claiming that Ariana Grande is ready to call off her wedding to Pete Davidson is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim. The two have been inseparable since getting engaged last month and that dynamic hasn't changed.

According to RadarOnline, however, the singer is starting to regret accepting her fiance's proposal, which came after just weeks of the two starting to date. The blog quotes a so-called "friend" of Grande as saying she's "having some serious cold feet" about walking down the aisle. The supposed "pal" adds, "Ariana didn't know who Pete really was, and fell in love with the idea of being in love."

The questionable source continues, "Ariana wants the fairytale so bad, but Pete has already started to take a toll on her image, and she's tired of constantly having to stick up for him." The alleged source further contends that Grande's friends and family "are already starting to see this relationship fall apart," especially her brother Frankie, who supposedly doesn't approve of the couple's romance.

The website's account of events is simply inaccurate. The blog alleges that the pop star is tired of having to "stick up" for her fiance, but on Thursday, Grande defended naming a song on her new album after Davidson. When a fan on Instagram criticized the singer for naming one of her tracks "Pete," she responded, "He's my fiance. This is my album. I'm an honest and emotional artist and human being and if my openness in my work isn't for you, that's OK."

The claim that Grande's family members, specifically her brother, aren't happy about her engagement isn't true either. Earlier this week, Grande was photographed holding hands with both Davidson and her brother while strolling through New York City. The trio also had big smiles on their face during the outing. It's highly unlikely that Grande's brother would happily spend time with her and Davidson if he didn't approve of their relationship.

The engaged couple were spotted together several other times in NYC this past week alone, including day outings and date nights. The singer frequently posts about her fiance on social media as well. Earlier this week, Grande shared an Instagram video of Davidson watching on in awe as she shot a music video for one of her new songs.

Regardless of it being clear that Grande isn't preparing to call off her wedding, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the singer, who tells us the blog's article is false. It should be noted, it's not entirely unusual when a quickie engagement is called off, but there's no indication at this time that Grande has any intention of cancelling her nuptials.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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