Ariana Grande Banned From ‘SNL’ After Pete Davidson Split?

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Pete Davidson Ariana Grande

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Is Ariana Grande really banned from “Saturday Night Live” after her split from Pete Davidson? One particularly unreliable blog alleges Grande is “not welcome” to even hang out backstage should she and the “SNL” star get back together. Gossip Cop, however, is assured the story is “not true.”

According to the site Naughty Gossip, “Davidson has been told by his bosses at ‘SNL’ that if he gets back with Ariana Grande, they would rather he come to work alone, rather than showing up every week with her.” The often discredited blog quotes “sources” as saying in unison that the sketch comedy series is “still a job” and Davidson “bringing his girlfriend to work isn’t going to fly.” The so-called “sources” continue, “Ariana is welcome at the after-party, but she isn’t welcome backstage or in Pete’s dressing room while the show is going on.” “It has been made very clear that Ariana can sit in the audience, but she cannot just wander around backstage while the live show is going on,” adds the supposed tipsters.

Frankly, the article reads as if the alleged “sources” or whoever concocted this phony story are not aware that Grande and Davidson broke up. And by all accounts, they are not getting back together, so talk of the singer being allowed to sit in the audience but not hang out in Davidson’s dressing room, backstage, or attend the show’s after-party following episodes, is really bizarre. Actually, the far more reputable People recently reported Grande and Davidson’s loved ones are relieved they split, because they felt the relationship and subsequent engagement happened too fast and that they’re both too young.

Additionally, even though she dropped out of performing on this season’s premiere, clearly “SNL” previously didn’t have a problem with Davidson and Grande, who were the focus of several jokes and sketches during the first show of the year. If the late-night comedy program had no issues with Grande before, why on the off-chance that she and Davidson reconciled would they suddenly develop difficulties with her and only make her welcomed as an audience member? Like many of that site’s stories, there are few concrete facts and even less logic to them.

Irrespective, Gossip Cop, which has had close a connection to “SNL,” its cast members, writers and producers for years, checked in with one of our impeccable insiders, and we’re assured the article’s entire premise in “not true.” Perhaps it’s time for Naughty Gossip to stop writing about “Saturday Night Live” and exposing its ignorance about the show. Earlier in the year, Gossip Cop busted the same blog when it published a ridiculous article about how the “SNL” cast was “sucking up” to Colin Jost when he was named head writer, a position he actually held years earlier.


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