Ariana Grande’s Mom Freaks Out After Hearing ‘Dangerous Woman’ Album (Video)

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ariana grande mom freak out dangerous woman album

By Jesse Spero |

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Ariana Grande’s mom hilariously freaked out after hearing her daughter’s upcoming album, Dangerous Woman. See the funny video below.

On Wednesday night, the singer shared on Instagram an adorable clip of her mom, Joan Grande, losing it just moments after hearing her forthcoming album. “Oh my god! Who’s heard that? Has everyone heard that version?” Joan exclaims. She continues rapid-fire, “Woah, oh my God, woah! No Ariana, I’m not kidding. That’s the best song I’ve ever heard! Holy sh*t! Oh my god, I almost vomited! Oh my God.”

Incredibly, Joan is actually driving throughout her ecstatic reaction, and her famous daughter can be heard laughing from the passenger seat. When Grande’s mother asks if others have been lucky enough to listen to the new music, the star repeatedly says, “no.” Indeed, fans have another month to wait.

As Gossip Cop reported, Dangerous Woman is slated to be released on May 20. The singer, however, has already shared three songs from the record in recent weeks. She performed the album’s title track at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this month, as well as on “Saturday Night Live” in March. And, as both the show’s host and musical guest, Grande also sang “Be Alright.”

More recently, Grande teased her collaboration with Macy Gray called “Leave Me Lonely.” But based on Joan’s reaction, the best is yet to come. See the video of Grande’s mom freaking out after hearing the new album below.


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