Ariana Grande Fans Urge Singer To Apologize For Saying “I Hate America”

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Ariana Grande Hate America

By Shari Weiss |

Ariana Grande Hate America

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Ariana Grande is under fire for saying “I hate America” in a newly-surfaced video, and now fans are calling on her to apologize.

As Gossip Cop reported, surveillance camera at a donut shop on July 4 captured Grande kissing her apparent new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, and the pair seemingly licking the donuts on display. While that unsanitary act is far from appreciated, the stronger backlash right now is focusing on Grande’s anti-American comments. In the footage, the star can be heard saying after new pastries are brought out, “What the f*ck is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

While some have defended Grande, saying she’s been drugged up from having her wisdom teeth removed, the outing is actually believed to have taken place before the dental procedure (though that has not been confirmed). And Grande has remained completely silent on social media in the 24-plus hours since the clip became public. It’s now gone completely viral, and a rep for singer has not responded to a request for comment.

But fans aren’t holding back on Twitter, and even on Grande’s own Instagram, where one commenter angrily wrote about the “hate America” statement on an unrelated post from last week, “Then get out. We don’t need you. Or want you.” Another person pointed out, “If it was edited don’t you think she would have said it was by now so most people wouldn’t think she was being disrespectful she knows what she did. All she can do now is apologize.” And someone else argued as a debate raged, “Y’all are telling everyone to stop the hate but she needs to start first. People in America love and support Ariana yet she still said she hates us.”

“I don’t understand why people r defending what she did,” said a different commenter. “It’s wrong and she should be ashamed of herself. That is the problem these young nieve [sic] celebs now think they r so entitled. She’s a brat that needs a reality check. Now that a lot of fans will hate her she will be sorry and apologize but that doesn’t change anything.”

On Twitter, a Grande fan tweeted, “I really want Ariana to apologize to us & to the people that worked at that donut shop. All I’m asking for.” A different individual posted, “I’m kinda annoyed that Ariana hasn’t even owned up to the video all she really has to do is apologize but instead she’s avoiding it.” And one “Arianator” even wrote, “i love my idol but if you’re feeling sorry for ariana right now you’re dumb af.”

Grande has also dropped out of performing at the MLB All-Star Game concert this weekend, supposedly due to her wisdom teeth surgery. Many, however, are speculating it’s actually due to the outrage over her anti-American comments. Demi Lovato is expected to perform in her place. TELL US: Do you think Grande should apologize?

UPDATE: A few hours later, Grande issued an Apology statement exclusively to Gossip Cop.


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