Ariana Grande Cast In “Hairspray Live”

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Ariana Grande Hairspray Live Cast

By Shari Weiss |

Ariana Grande Hairspray Live Cast

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Ariana Grande is the latest star to join “Hairspray Live,” it was announced on Thursday. The singer-actress helped break the news herself on Twitter.

Grande initially tweeted, “hi i have to tell you something very very exciting today.” She continued, “Most of you know that i’m really just a musical theater geek…. like a really big one… so…. my heart is very full re: this announcement.” She then went on to declare, “I AM NOWWW A CHECKERBOARD CHICK #HairsprayLive #Penny.”

“Penny has been a dream role since Hairspray opened on Broadway. At 9, I was (and still am) in LOVE w @KerryButlerNyc. hope to make u proud,” Grande said. She continued, “I’M GOING TO BE IN A SHOW WITH @HarveyFierstein AND @KChenoweth IS THIS AN ACTUAL JOKE ……………….” The star added, “Anyway… I’m so honored and beyond excited to be a part of this dream cast…… I will for sure pass out at the table read. #HairsprayLive.”

Grande’s career as a child star actually began in theater, before she broke out on Nickelodeon. She’s since become known for music, but this gig allows her to combine both passions. As Gossip Cop has reported, NBC’s live musical will also star Jennifer Hudson and Derek Hough. The broadcast is slated to take place in December, and Gossip Cop will have full coverage.

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