Truth About Ariana Grande Feuding With Other Stars

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Ariana Grande in a pink dress against a pink background

By Griffin Matis |

Ariana Grande in a pink dress against a pink background

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Ariana Grande took the pop world by storm with a series of hit singles and albums over the past few years, but success comes with wild gossip and rumors. One of the common themes is that she’s feuding with another musician or actress. Here are a few of those rumors Gossip Cop has busted.

In November 2018, Naughty Gossip claimed Kristin Chenoweth was furious after Grande seemingly upstaged her during the filming for Wicked‘s 15th anniversary special. Since the televised special took place shortly after Grande and Pete Davidson broke up, the blog claimed producers doubted the pop star would show at all. Once she did, the site said, the crowd and crew made the event all about Grande and let Chenoweth fall to the wayside, leaving her to stew in jealousy.

In reality, however, the two are incredibly close, with Chenoweth calling Grande family and constantly praising her efforts and ability. The Broadway star even said in interviews before the event how excited she was to see Grande have her moment during her performance, and she tweeted out praise of Grande’s performance when the special aired. Plus, Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Chenoweth, who assured us there was nothing but love between the two singers.

This past April, Life & Style published a bogus report about Grande feuding with Taylor Swift this past April. The tabloid called it a “secret catfight” over the two’s respective successes in the music world. Swift, emboldened by Grande’s year of success after thank u, next, planned to “get back on top” by releasing new music and competing with Grande on social media, according to the outlet. The tabloid’s “insiders” said Swift had been laying low to please longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but after seeing fellow pop stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato lose fans due to career breaks, she decided to strike back before Grande became too successful.

Gossip Cop ran the claims by one of our sources in Swift’s camp, who laughed off the story completely and pointed out that there’s zero animosity between the two. Swift released new music because that’s what musicians do. It wasn’t some convoluted plot to put Grande in her place. The two may compete on the charts, but there was no feud to be found.

Just last month, OK! published a piece about Grande stoking Kaitlynn Carter’s jealousy and drawing her ire after collaborating with her then-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. The tabloid cited Cyrus and Grande’s complimentary exchanges on social media as proof that the two pop stars might have some romantic chemistry.

However, shortly before the outlet published the story, Cyrus and Carter publicly announced their split and decision to remain friends — meaning the story was entirely baseless. Plus, nice back-and-forths on Twitter don’t translate to romance. There wasn’t a hint of truth in the story, and it became abundantly clear just how little the gossip media knows about Grande’s personal relationships.


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