Ariana Grande Fan Throws Phone At Her (VIDEO)

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Ariana Grande Throws Phone Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ariana Grande Throws Phone Video

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Ariana Grande’s big iHeartMedia show was interrupted on Friday when a fan threw a phone at her. Check out the videos below.

Grande was participating in a special concert and Q&A session to celebrate her new single, “Focus,” when the incident occurred. Sitting on stage for the chat, the pop star was startled and confused when something hit right by her chair. “Did someone throw a phone at me?” she asked.

“Did someone just throw a phone on stage?” continued Grande. “That’s so dangerous.” The singer, however, seemed more perplexed than angry, and was eager to return the device to its owner.

With the show taking place on Halloween eve, Grande was appropriately dressed as Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Earlier in the day, the star’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” appearance aired, during which she wore a cow costume. She has a third outfit planned for Halloween itself.

Halloween aside, Grande is on a high now from the release of “Focus,” which is the lead single from her upcoming album, Moonlight. The song went right up the iTunes chart, putting her between Adele and Justin Bieber. Or, as she put it, “at the heart of an Adele & JB sandwich.”

“I am dead. y’all never cease to amaze me. thank you for supporting #Focus,” the former child star wrote to fans on Friday. “Humbled & excited.” By the looks of that phone-throwing, we’d guess Arianators are pretty excited, too. Watch below.


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