Ariana Grande Plans March Madness Party In Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch (VIDEO)

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Ariana Grande Cut SNL Sketch

By Andrew Shuster |

Ariana Grande is featured in a cut sketch from this past week’s “Saturday Night Live,” in which she attempts to invite her two weird co-workers to her upcoming March Madness party. Watch the skit below!

In the sketch, which was scrapped for time, cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney play two dimwitted characters named BoBo and JoJo, who don’t seem to understand the concept of parties or March Madness. First, Grande’s character has to explain that the party is for people to gather around and watch the college basketball championships, and not go “marching.” As for the dress code, the duo asks, “Are people wearing capes? Or, if we want to get dressed up, maybe a poncho?”

Grande’s character explains, “Listen guys, we’re just gonna be watching basketball games. So if you want to bring some beer or chips,” but she’s cut off by one of the men who suggests that he bring “nails” as a party favor. And when it’s advised that the men get to the event early so they can secure good seats, they respond, “We’ll just climb inside your cabinets.” As for directions, one asks, “What’s the best river to take to your house? Please tell us you live down stream.”

As Gossip Cop previously noted, Grande pulled double duty on last week’s “SNL” when she was both the host and musical guest. on “Saturday Night Live.” After singing her upcoming album’s first single, “Dangerous Woman,” on “SNL,”Grande next performed “Be Alright.” She also scored big in a sketch that called for Grande to do impressions to save Tidal from ceasing to stream music. Watch the cut sketch below from Grande’s “SNL” episode!


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