Ariana Grande “Not Surprised To Hear” Big Sean Cheating Rumors Is Made-Up Story

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Ariana Grande Big Sean Cheating Rumors

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Ariana Grande Big Sean Cheating Rumors

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A certain website is claiming to know Ariana Grande is “not surprised to hear” the Big Sean cheating rumors. But this reaction story was transparently made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it.

Often when there’s a topic in the world of celebrities that is generating high interest, HollywoodLife pretends to have “exclusive” insight by offering up so-and-so star’s supposed opinion. On Monday, Big Sean was accused of cheating on girlfriend Jhene Aiko with Nicole Scherzinger. The initial claims quickly spread from a blog to social media, with Aiko and Sean’s names becoming trending topics. Ultimately, Aiko took to Twitter to deny such “fan fiction” was true, and the rapper himself also ripped the allegations on Instagram.

That should’ve been the end of it, but HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, is trying to extend the narrative on Tuesday by pretending to know how Grande feels about the situation. As is widely known, she and Sean split in 2015 after less than a year of dating. Nearly three years after the breakup, the site now wants readers to believe the pop star is weighing in on her ex’s love life. If that wasn’t suspicious enough, consider the odd quotes that supposedly come from a “source close to Ariana.”

The outlet’s alleged tipster is quoted as saying, “Ariana is not surprised at all that Sean may have been cheating on Jhene with Nicole… Ariana believes the rumors about Sean and Nicole, which makes Ariana feel bad for both Sean and Jhene because Sean has not changed.” Not just in those lines but in all of the purported statements, this seemingly fake “source” repeats everyone’s names over and over (see screengrabs below). Real people don’t talk like that. It’s an indication that these supposed remarks were actually manufactured, particularly to attract search engines.

There are also other points to consider. After the singer wrapped up her concert tour in the wake of the Manchester bombing last year, she largely retreated from the spotlight. Grande has not posted on Instagram since December, and she was seen at a public event last week for the first time in months when Grande and current boyfriend Mac Miller went to an Oscars party. Given that she largely been living her life privately, the idea that someone “close” to her ran to HollywoodLies with “EXCLUSIVE details on her reaction” to the cheating rumors involving Sean is more than a little far-fetched.

It’s also eyebrow-raising that no legitimate publication is also reporting Grande’s supposed opinion. It’s just this website, one that is known for fabricating stories related to hot topics. Aiko was on to something when she tweeted about “fan fiction.” This definitely qualifies, too.


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