#3YearsOfTheWay: Fans Celebrate Third Anniversary Of Ariana Grande’s First Single

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Ariana Grande The Way Anniversary

By Shari Weiss |


Ariana Grande fans are celebrating the third anniversary of her first single, “The Way.”

“The Way” came out as Grande’s debut song on March 25, 2013. Though she previously released a track called “Put Your Hearts Up” in 2011, “The Way” is the one credited with launching her music career. The song, which features Mac Miller, was the lead single from Grande’s first studio album, Yours Truly.

While the album went to number one, “The Way” peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and went all the way to the second spot on the Rhythmic chart. Three years later, it’s still a fan-favorite. And now Arianators have made “#3YearsOfTheWay” a trending topic on Twitter.

@loveliestbutera tweeted, “#3YearsOfTheWay holy wow i’m so proud of my bb. i was there for you then & will be forever @ArianaGrande i love u.” @survivorgrande noted, “the first time I discovered Ariana was through this song #3YearsOfTheWay.” @adraycun shared, “the way was my morning alarm for at least a year and I never got tired of it, that’s how u know it’s a quality song.”

@arianasmagic recalled, “i remember skipping school just so i could bop to the song and watch the mv lmao #3YearsOfTheWay.” @teasingbutera stated, “Iconic song that started our faves career.. So proud of everything u do @ArianaGrande, I love u.” And @toulousevevo expressed, “2 albums, 30 awards, 85 nominations, 7 top 10’s, dozens of records broken and more since. watch out. #3YearsOfTheWay.”

The anniversary comes exactly two weeks after the release of Grande’s 22nd single, “Dangerous Woman.” As Gossip Cop has reported, the song is also the title track for her upcoming album, which will be released May 20.


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