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Could a wedding be around the corner for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? The rapper — whose government name is Colson Baker — began dating Fox around the time she appeared in his massively popular music video, “Bloody Valentine,” and one tip claims that they’re ready for the next level. Here's the gossip.

Will There Be A Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Wedding?

OK! says that it's been a "rapid-fire romance" for the two and that they're "not wasting any time" getting serious. According to an anonymous insider, they've already started planning for their future together. "Megan's talking more babies, marriage, the whole nine yards," the unnamed source says, "and Colson's totally game."

Seriously, the outlet says that the rapper, who just released his first pop-punk album, is a little bit past head over heels. "He's telling friends he hit the jackpot with Megan, who's always been keen on a big family and would love nothing more than to make it happen with Colson. He's a wonderful guy who's making her feel alive again."

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Friends of the couple, all of whom go unnamed, think that the relationship is moving too fast and that both stars should "pump the brakes" on the plans for the future, especially given Fox's split from ex-husband Brian Austin Green earlier this year. "They really don't care what other people think," the snitch concludes. "As far as they're concerned, their love is the real deal and they're in it for keeps."

Will Megan Fox Have More Kids?

Look, we honestly can’t call out this tabloid for talking up the connection between MGK and Fox. They’ve got more than their natural chemistry going for them, and they do seem to be quite happy with one another. A surprise marriage at some point in their future wouldn’t actually be that surprising if they continue dating, but we’re highly suspicious of the story within this piece of gossip.

It’s impossible to debunk love and all, but the insider’s claim that Fox has always been child-focused and eager to add to her family feels totally off. Fox is a great mom and loves her kids, but she’s been candid about how she and Green had them. In an interview with Extra in 2017, a year after she had her youngest child, Fox explained that she’d had a hard time with her three pregnancies, especially given the fact that all of them were unintentional. “None of them are planned, so I can’t tell you if I’m done,” she told the outlet. “My body is barely holding itself together. It’s, like, stitched together with bubblegum and Scotch tape. It’s gonna fall apart if I have another one.”

That’s a far cry from the tabloid’s depiction of the actress and certainly doesn't mesh with the line about her always wanting a big family. In fact, if the magazine wanted to have some actual info about Fox's family plans, it could listen to her own words. The actress recently appeared on Eli Roth's History of Horror podcast, where Roth asked Fox if she was happy having three sons after the two discussed the tropes surrounding girls in horror films. "I feel like there's probably going to be a fourth baby at a certain point," she admitted. "I do feel like it'll be a daughter because I feel like, karmically, that's a mirror I have to look into, right? Like, I have to really explore that and experience, psychologically, what it is to be the mother of a daughter." While it seems like Fox is fine with the idea of having another child, it certainly doesn't seem like the unnamed source actually knows what's going on with her.

The rest of the source’s insights aren’t exactly, well, insightful. It’s sweet to hear that MGK thinks he hit the jackpot with Fox, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s super into his girlfriend. Heck, the rapper himself has basically said as much on Instagram multiple times.

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MGK And Fox's Relationship Is A Hot Topic

Sister publications of OK! have painted a much different picture of the couple in the past. In Touch falsely reported that the Fox had been dumped by Machine Gun Kelly in August, and even when the two went Instagram official, the National Enquirer was certain that the relationship would fizzle out soon. Now that they’ve shown no signs of turmoil or fights, it seems like the gossip media is taking the opposite stance on the two’s future with this latest rumor. Again, it’s totally fair to say that Fox and Kelly dig each other or that Kelly seems like a great dad considering how well he gets along with his daughter, but we’re going to have to bust this inside report as questionable at best.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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