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It’s been a busy year for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Lopez starred in Hustlers, earning a Golden Globe nomination. Rodriguez has continued broadcasting for Fox Sports. Were they too busy to get married after all? One tabloid said they were, but Gossip Cop busted them at the time. We’re going to look back on that rumor and see if anything changed.

A-Rod & J Lo; Too Busy For Love

Busy lifestyles are just part of the territory for these two, so it was a bit far fetched when the National Enquirerclaimed the two couldn’t wed because of work. A supposed source claimed “their schedules are conflicting, and it’s tearing them apart. The mysterious “source” said Rodriguez was blocking Lopez from projects so she would stay home, adding “he’s turning into a macho, controlling guy.” Gossip Cop checked in with an individual actually close to Lopez who assured us there was “no truth” to the story.

They Are Still Quite Busy

It’s perplexing why two very busy stars would be surprised at how busy they are. Nevertheless, Rodriguez and Lopez still have full plates despite the pandemic. This summer, the Lopez helmed World of Dance had its second season on NBC. With baseball back, Rodriguez is returning to play-by-play duties. He and Lopez are also heavily rumored to be purchasing the New York Mets and were recently spotted touring Citi-Field together.

The Wedding Has Yet To Happen

The Lopez and Rodrigues wedding has been delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19. The valid pandemic delay hasn’t stopped wild tabloid speculation that deeper issues are going on. Tabloid stories of a break-up are bogus, however, as both Rodriguez and Lopez are very active on social media. A photo of the family happily quarantining was posted earlier this week.

The Magazine Is Not To Be Trusted

In June, the same tabloid ran a nearly identical story, only it was the pandemic causing issues instead of the schedules. Gossip Cop once again reached out to a source close tot eh couple who called the story “rubbish.” The wedding has been postponed, but not forever.

The Enquirer has gone to silly lengths to try and break these two up. Back in April, it claimed Rodriguez was upset because of Lopez’s contact with her ex-fiance Ben Affleck. The Enquirer would have you believe that Rodriguez is a brutish and jealous individual who wouldn’t allow Lopez to talk to ex-boyfriends. In reality, there is nothing more than pleasantries between Affleck and Lopez, both have thoroughly moved on. Lopez and Rodriguez are happily together, no doubt looking forward to when they can someday get married.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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