Antonio Sabato Jr. Insists Barack Obama Is Muslim On “The View” (VIDEO)

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Antonio Sabato Jr The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Antonio Sabato Jr The View Video

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Antonio Sabato Jr., who is running for Congress in California, insisted on “The View” on Thursday that Barack Obama is Muslim. Watch the video below.

Last May, the Republican Sabato announced he’s running to unseat a Democratic incumbent in California’s 26th district. He appeared on the ABC talk show to talk about his campaign. The discussion began with Sabato’s long-time support of Donald Trump, for whom he spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2016. The actor claimed he was “blacklisted” in Hollywood upon returning from the event, alleging he was dropped by his agent and manager, as well as cut from projects.

But Sunny Hostin told him, “I have to press you, because one thing that was surprising to me is that you, during an interview with ABC News, said that President Obama is a Muslim. Do you think that has anything to do with the ‘blacklisting’?” Sabato replied, “I never thought it was anything bad. There’s millions of Muslims around the world. I felt that it was never an insult. I’m Jewish, I became a Christian, and I felt that Obama — I mean, if he’s not a Muslim, we should call him ‘President Barry’ then.”

Joy Behar and Hostin interjected at the same time to say, “But he’s not a Muslim.” Sabato said, “Maybe it was my mistake then. I never meant — I liked the president. I liked him as a person and his family. They’re good people. So for me it was never an insult.” Hostin asked, “So you understand he’s not Muslim?” The star kind of shrugged, smirked and said “okay” in a way that suggested he didn’t actually believe that.

“Do you? Do you get that?” Behar pushed. “We’ve seen his birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii.” Sabato responded, “No, what I was saying was he changed his name to ‘Obama’ because he followed the Islam religion when he was growing up. So I felt once you’re in that religion, you stay for the rest of your life.” Both Hostin and Behar said there’s “no evidence of that,” and Sabato tried to change the subject.

He told the co-hosts, “Right now we have issues that are different than what we had in the past. I think we need to focus on that right now. We have some really serious issues in relation to our country.” Behar told him, “But it’s important not to propagate fake news.” For that, she received loud applause from the audience. Check out the full video below.

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