Anton Yelchin Parents To Sue Over Fatal Car Accident

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Anton Yelchin Parents Sue

By Shari Weiss |

Anton Yelchin Parents Sue

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Anton Yelchin’s parents plan to sue Fiat Chrysler over the fatal car accident that led to the actor’s death, Gossip Cop confirms. As Gossip Cop has reported, Yelchin died in June after his jeep rolled downhill and pinned him against his security gate. He was 27.

The wrongful death lawsuit, to be filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, will accuse Fiat Chrysler, the company behind Yelchin’s 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep, of having “significant defects” in the vehicle, leading to Yelchin’s death. The suit will also reportedly name ZF North America and AutoNation as additional defendants. The former is a manufacturer, while the latter is a car dealership.

It’s not clear how much Yelchin’s parents intend to seek in punitive damages. But the news comes after other Cherokee Jeep owners filed a class-action suit against Fiat Chrysler. In legal documents, the plaintiffs alleged the car’s shift has a defect that makes it appear in the “parked” position while actually in “neutral.” A recall notice went out just weeks before the crash took Yelchin’s life.

Last month, Yelchin’s parents released a statement thanking the public for the outpouring of support they’ve received in the wake of the Star Trek star’s death. “Thank you to all of you who have sent flowers and gifts, for your condolences and kind words and to all who came to celebrate the life of our dear son, Anton. We are deeply grateful for your unconditional love for him. He would be surprised at how many hearts and souls he touched,” they said.

Yelchin is pictured above with his parents, Irina and Victor, in 2007. Gossip Cop will have updates as appropriate.

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