Antioch Movie Theater Shooting: Suspect Dead After Gun Battle With SWAT Team

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Antioch Theater Shooting

By Shari Weiss |

Antioch Theater Shooting


An unidentified male suspect is dead after opening fire inside a Nashville-area movie theater on Wednesday.

The shooting took place during a Mad Max: Fury Road showing at the Carmike Hickory 8 at the Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch around 1:15 p.m. local time. Following calls to police, the venue was put on lockdown. The assailant first exchanged gunfire with a cop, before a battle with the SWAT team, during which he was killed.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted, “Active shooter situation @ Hickory 8 Theater — suspect dead.” In addition to the assailant’s gun, he also possessed a hatchet and two backpacks. One person may have received a superficial wound from the hatchet, and he and two others were also treated for pepper spray exposure.

The suspect was later said to be a white male from the area. He reportedly wore a surgical mask and apparently used pepper spray in the theater before emergency responders arrived. The backpacks may be detonated by a bomb squad in case of hazardous materials.

The incident comes less than two weeks after a shooting at a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. As Gossip Cop reported, a man named John Russell Houser fatally shot two people during a screening of Trainwreck. He injured nine others before turning the gun on himself.

In response to the tragedy, Amy Schumer joined Senator Chuck Schumer earlier this week to call for gun control. Also earlier this week, a jury decided to consider the death penalty for James Holmes, who committed the 2012 movie theater massacre in Colorado. Carmike Cinemas has not yet addressed the shooting. Gossip Cop will have updates.

UPDATE: On Wednesday night, the suspect was identified as 29-year-old Vincente Montano, who was committed to a mental institution four times in the early 2000s. He was reported missing to Tennessee authorities earlier this week. At the time of the incident, he was armed with an airsoft pistol, in addition to the hatchet and pepper spray.

In a statement Carmike Cinemas says, “We are grateful for the quick and professional actions of our staff and all first responders in Antioch and Nashville. The well-being of our guests and employees has been and will continue to be of utmost importance to our organization.”


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