Anti-Defamation League Rips Larry David’s ‘SNL’ Monologue For Being “Insensitive”

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Larry David SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Larry David SNL Monologue

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The Anti-Defamation League has ripped Larry David for his “SNL” monologue in which he joked about Jewish sexual predators and dating in a concentration camp. Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, which fights anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, tweeted on Sunday, “Watched #LarryDavid #SNL monologue this AM. He managed to be offensive, insensitive & unfunny all at same time. Quite a feat.” David has yet to respond to the criticism, which exploded on Twitter right after his monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” See the video below.

As Gossip Cop was first to report, David began his “SNL” monologue with jokes about taking advantage of a blind woman he worked for many years ago, and then told the audience that there’s been a lot about sexual harassment in the news recently, and “I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is that many of the predators… are Jews.” David, who is Jewish, then claimed, “I don’t like it when Jews are in the news for notorious reasons.” And after brief referencing Harvey Weinstein, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” creator added, “I know I consistently strive to be a good Jewish representative… When people see me, I want them to say, ‘Oh, there goes a fine Jew… Margaret, come here. I want you to meet this wonderful Jew.’”

Following those questionable remarks, David then segued into a routine in which he began, “You know, I’ve always, always been obsessed with women and often wondered, if I’d grown up in Poland when Hitler came to power, and was sent to a concentration camp, would I still be checking out women in the camp?” “I think, I would,” he answered to a bunch of groans in the audience. David continued, as if he were a prisoner talking to another man in a death camp, “Hey Shlomo, look at the one by barracks 8… Oh my God, is she gorgeous?!… I’d like to go up and say something to her.”

David then noted, “Of course, the problem is there are no good opening lines in a concentration camp.” “How’s it going? They treating you OK?” he pretended, as if trying to pick up a woman in a concentration camp. “You know, if we ever get out of here, I’d like to take you out for some latkes… What, what did I say? Is it me or is it the whole thing?” he added.

Suffice to say, in addition to the ADL calling out David for his “insensitive” and “offensive” monologue, many others on Twitter tore into the writer and producer. A person with the handle @BuffaloBella tweeted, “#SNL I can’t believe they did jokes about a concentration camp I just can’t believe what I just saw #LarryDavid it will never be okay to do.” “I think Larry David is ridiculously funny on Curb, but this monologue is painfully unfunny,” felt @nottheqb. And a user named @ThreeColumnsArt expressed, “Just when you thought Larry David’s #SNL monologue couldn’t get worse, he joked about seducing women in concentration camps. Wow. #HeBombed.”

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