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Anthony Ramos' role in the wildly popular stage musical Hamilton has definitely opened doors for the 28-year-old star. Since then, he's gotten engaged to fellow Hamilton costar Jasmine Cephas Jones and released his first album. There's many things ahead for the multi-talented young man, including presenting at this year's Oscars.

Ramos' story up until this portion of his life reads like something out of a fairy tale. In an interview with Vogue, the actor recalls asking his mother, "Why do we eat rice, beans, and chicken every day?" Raised by a single mother, Ramos realized at a young age that his family didn't have much. What he did have, however, was a love of music.

After a teacher heard him singing, they encouraged him to perform during school assemblies with two of his classmates. Eventually, his musical chops landed him a full ride to New York's American Musical and Dramatic Academy via the Seinfeld Scholarship Program. "In that moment, boom. My life was changed," he told the magazine.

Anthony Ramos Conquers Broadway

Since scoring that scholarship, Ramos has gone on to star in some pretty well-known productions. He was cast as Lady Gaga's onscreen best friend in A Star Is Born, not to mention his dual roles as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Hamilton. During his time in the cast of Hamilton, Ramos met his now-fiancee, Jones.

The song "One More Hour" from Ramos' album, The Good & The Bad, is about the couple's first kiss. The two became engaged in October 2019, and their mutual love of music means one thing for their future wedding: lots and lots of dancing. "I want people sweating, suit jackets off, chancletas on," he insisted.

The future for Ramos looks equally as good as his present. He's starring in the film adaptation of Hamilton creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights, which he'd also starred in on the stage. He's reprising his role as Usnavi, the protagonist. Ironically, In The Heights inspired Ramos to continue with his career at a time when he was considering quitting.

"I remember feeling like I wanted to quit," the actor recalled, "and I went and saw In the Heights. I was sitting there being like, I can't quit. I know all of these characters. Maybe there is a place for me." It's a good thing Ramos didn't quit, considering all the wonderful opportunities the actor would have missed out on if he'd given in to that feeling.


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