Anthony Mackie: Women Should “Make Daddy A Sandwich!” (VIDEO)

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By Daniel Gates |



Anthony Mackie is under fire again, this time for saying a woman’s role is to “make Daddy a sandwich” during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show.” Earlier this week, Anthony Mackie blamed “black dudes with dreadlocks” for recent police violence. His new comments about gender roles are already stirring debate. Watch the video below.

For context: It’s actually Williams who first brings up the topic, saying she and Mackie both believe that “men and women have roles.” She begins to say, “I do believe that if he wants a sandwich…” at which point Mackie jumps in and declares, “You make Daddy a sandwich!” The audience expresses some disapproval, at which point the actor is off and running.

“No! Let me ask you this. If me and you are out, and somebody says something slick to you, you want me to smack him in his mouth, right? [What if] if I take you on a date, and I say, ‘Look baby, we gonna go dutch?'” asks Mackie. Williams says, “No!” Mackie continues, “Exactly! If we’re walking up to the car, and I don’t open your car door, what do you say?” “Open the door,” answers Williams, to which Mackie replies, “You better believe it! So you make Daddy a sandwich!… If I’m outside cutting that grass, bring Daddy some lemonade!”

When Williams expresses discomfort with calling a romantic partner “Daddy,” Mackie challenges her and says men definitely like it, getting some support from a member of the studio audience. Already, a number of people on both sides of the “gender roles” issue have rushed either to defend Mackie or to rip him apart for his comments. Watch the video below, starting at about the 5:20 mark, and tell us what you think.


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