“Opie And Anthony” Co-Host Anthony Cumia Arrested For Domestic Violence – WATCH VIDEO

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Anthony Cumia Arrested

By Michael Lewittes |

Anthony Cumia Arrested

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Anthony Cumia, the former co-host of radio show “Opie And Anthony,” was arrested Sunday on charges of domestic violence, stemming from an incident on Saturday. The woman who alleges he attacked her took to Periscope to record her reaction before police arrived at the scene. Watch the video below.

The video shows the woman, only identified in the clip as Dani, Periscoping inside of his home in Rosyln Heights, N.Y. Few details are known about the woman, but police reports reveal that she is 26-years-old.

Dani tells the camera that she “tried to call the police, [but] he turned the phone off,” before yelling at him that “you shouldn’t have lied, you shouldn’t have hit me, you shouldn’t have treated me like [expletive] and I wouldn’t be Periscoping this.” Cumia can be heard off-camera offering to pay for a car to get her home, but Dani tells him that, “I don’t need you to pay for a car. I need you to pay for my [expletive]ing broken hand, you dumb piece of [expletive].

Dani’s Periscope later cuts to Cumia, who is holding a beer in his hand and bizarrely laughing at the allegations against him. “You want to sing karaoke?” he asks. “Come on, let’s sing.”

The charges against Cumia include assault, unlawful imprisonment, strangulation and criminal mischief. Watch the video below and tell Gossip Cop what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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