Anthony Atamanuik, Mario Cantone Mock Trump, Scaramucci On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

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The View Atamanuik Cantone

By Shari Weiss |

The View Atamanuik Cantone


Anthony Atamanuik and Mario Cantone hilariously mocked Donald Trump and Anthony Scaramucci on “The View” on Friday with spot-on impressions. Watch the video below!

Atamanuik has been receiving raves for his uncanny impersonation of Trump on Comedy Central’s “The President Show.” As soon as he joined the co-hosts of the ABC talk show, Joy Behar asked him, “Even though you’re not in costume today, what would you say about the skinny repeal?” He responded in the president’s imitable style, “Skinny repeal is Bethenny Frankel’s newest governmental policy. It’s totally light. No calories and no lives saved.”

Just how did Atamanuik get so good at mimicking Trump? “On the road last year when we were touring, I would watch all his rallies,” he explained, saying he prefers when the president isn’t using a teleprompter. “When he does go off, it’s a reward. The Boy Scouts [speech] was actually a treasure.” He even quipped that when Trump follows prepared remarks, “He reads like a grandmother reading Goodnight Moon.”

Atamanuik previously joined the panelists for the ABC show’s election night special, prompting him to now confess, “I have PTSD from that.” Quipped Sara Haines, “So does Joy.” Behar went on to admit, “We became inebriated as the night went on… They were afraid to tell me [Trump] took Florida.” This now marked Atamanuik’s first time back on the set since that fateful night, and he revealed that when he arrived backstage, “A pit hit my stomach.”

He joked that now the “world’s ending, but I’m doing a lot,” and surprised the co-hosts by admitting he was “pretty certain” that night that Trump was going to win. “I wasn’t surprised, I was depressed,” Atamanuik said. They were then joined by Cantone, who appeared on “The President Show” as Scaramucci just last night. The comedian rejected the compliment that Scaramucci is good-looking, amusingly saying, “He looks a little bit like Jack Skellington in The Night Before Christmas.”

Cantone revealed he was “lying in bed depressed” when people started tweeting him about their resemblance, “and then [Atamanuik] called me and said, ‘Do you want to do this?’ and I was like, ‘Yes, we gotta strike while the iron’s hot! This son of bitch might be gone by October!'” Both men then did their impersonations, with Cantone quipping, “I haven’t been this viral since the chicken pox at 12 years old, so I can’t believe this.”

And, in reference to Scaramucci’s explicit interview about Steve Bannon, the former “Sex and the City Star” hilariously said, “Don’t make me say that line! Who can do [that sex act], can I ask you?!” Check out the funny video below!

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