Anthony Anderson: Barack Obama “Talks Trash” When Playing Golf (VIDEO)

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Anthony Anderson Barack Obama Golf Tonight Show

By Holly Nicol |

Anthony Anderson Barack Obama Golf Tonight Show


Anthony Anderson appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” where he spoke to Jimmy Fallon about leaving his family behind in Mexico to play golf with Barack Obama. Hilariously, the actor claimed the former president “talks trash” when playing golf. Watch the video below!

During his interview on the late night show, the “black-ish” actor told Fallon about his legendary game of golf with Obama, Olympian Michael Phelps and NBA star Chris Paul. “I was on a family vacation in Cabo, my phone rings, and Chris Paul is calling me,” Anderson said. “[Paul] was like, ‘Where you at?’ I said I was on a family vacation in Mexico. He was like, ‘I was going to invite you to play golf with Barack and me tomorrow,’ so I was like, ‘I can be on a plane in a minute!'”

Anderson went on, “I was like, ‘Oh man I can’t do it, I’m on a family vacation,’ so I hung up. But my wife and kids were looking at me, and said ‘call him back and tell him you’re on your way!’ I called the airline, it was 5:35 in the afternoon, the last plane leaving Cabo was at 5:45. There was no way I was going to make it.” But after some encouragement from his daughter, the actor chartered a plane back to the States. “Long story short, it was the most expensive round of golf I ever had to play in my life,” he joked.

The star then told the talk show host that Obama “talked trash” about his golfing game. “Obama talked trash all day. Five and a half hours. He talked trash all day, and took all of our money,” Anderson said. “He took $700 from Phelps, he took $600 from Chris Paul, and he took $300 from me,” Anderson said, prompting Fallon to shout, “The president?!” “Yeah. I said, ‘man, is this even right? Can you take money from civilians?’ And [Obama] said, ‘I’m a civilian now, so yes I can take it.'” Watch Anderson’s full interview below!

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