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A recent report in a tabloid claims that Bindi Irwin is expecting twin babies. Gossip Cop, however, has already corrected the same storyline from a separate outlet. We’re also setting the record straight on this latest piece.

Bindi Irwin's Double Bundle Of Trouble!

On the cover of OK!, the tabloid reports that Bindi Irwin has a baby surprise, which is that she’s carrying twins. The magazine’s cover story recounts how Irwin and her husband, Chandler Powell, shared the news on Instagram that the couple was expecting their first child. According to the tabloid, the couple left out one “major detail.” An insider tells the publication Irwin and Powell are having twins and the couple just found out but are “slowly” revealing the news to friends and family.

The source continues, saying that when Irwin found out she was having twins, she was in “total shock” but excited at the same time. The story continues that Irwin’s mother, Terri, was overcome with emotion when she first heard the news. “She couldn’t hold back the happy tears,” the source states, adding that Irwin believes her late father, Steve, would be thrilled as well. “She knows Steve’s looking down on her and beaming with pride,” the unnamed insider continues. The outlet further states that while the newlyweds haven’t learned the sex of the babies yet, the tipster claims the couple wants a boy and a girl, and they plan to name the boy after Irwin’s father.

As for Irwin’s pregnancy, the magazine contends Powell has been “very sweet” towards his expectant wife and the two plan to do a home birth. The publication adds friends of the Dancing with the Stars contestant will no doubt be a great mom, but the thought of having twins has given Irwin “jitters.” Yet the outlet suggests Irwin has been “keeping her cool” despite the nerves. “She’s been reminding herself that if she can tackle a baby crocodile, she's got this covered, hands down,” the source says. The story concludes with the source maintaining this is only the beginning for Irwin and Powell, as the two have discussed having a family “since the early days.”

Same Story, Different Tabloid

The only problem with this narrative is that Gossip Cop corrected the notion that Irwin is expecting twins. A separate outlet, New Idea, also purported that Irwin and Powell were having twins and also stated that if one of the twins was a boy, the young spouses would name him after Steve Irwin. When Irwin announced her pregnancy via Instagram, she only held up one onesie, which indicates the couple is only expecting one baby. What's the point of hiding one twin? The rumor is silly at best.

It’s also hard to trust OK!’s story when the tabloid has been incorrect in the past about Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell. Recently, the magazine falsely reported that Irwin and Powell were having a second ceremony and moving to the United States. The phony story alleged that Irwin was planning her “dream ceremony” and that family friend Russell Crowe was going to walk her down the aisle. Gossip Cop had learned was just a figment of the magazine’s overactive imagination.

Last year, the outlet had prematurely asserted that Irwin and Powell had wed. The bogus article claimed that the two had a secret wedding with over 200 guests. However, Gossip Cop debunked the story when it came out, and Irwin and Powell didn’t tie the knot until March of this year. It was another made-up tale.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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