Anne Hathaway: “It’s Not Like The World Has Gotten Nicer”

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Anne Hathaway Nice

By Daniel Gates |

Anne Hathaway Nice

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Anne Hathaway has had her share of haters, and the backlash against her was particularly strong following her Oscar win two years ago. As she promotes the independent movie Song One, Hathaway says she related to the main character’s struggles as a high achiever forced to reevaluate her life after her brother winds up in a coma.

The actress tells the Associated Press, “For me, this movie is about a girl getting out of her own way and getting out of her own head. I was in the very early stages of that journey in my own life. It’s not like the world has gotten nicer since 2013. I think it’s about looking beyond your knee-jerk judgment about places and people and professions and actually experiencing something with an open heart.”

Originally brought on as a producer, Hathaway ultimately wanted to play the lead role, even though it was originally intended for a younger actress. She thinks it worked out. “I’ve got to say, I think the character works better being 28 as she is in the movie. I think there’s something sadder about her in the beginning. She’s someone who has reached that point in her life being so remote and closed off,” says Hathaway.

The star explains, “I’m a sucker for movies about second chances. I’m also a big believer of finding the opportunity within a crisis. This character got to do both of those things.” Hathaway also thinks there’s a lack of great roles for female performers. “It would be so great if there were just this magic land full of amazing parts for women. There are so many more incredible actresses than there are incredible parts,” she says.

Hathaway adds, “I don’t blame the people who are funding movies, because they’re a business and they have to turn a profit, so they’re a little risk averse when it comes to making creative choices. I’m not so risk averse.” What do you think about what Hathaway has to say?


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