Anne Hathaway Talks Ivanka Trump, Parental Leave, Movie ‘Colossal’ On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

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By Andrew Shuster |

Anne Hathaway appeared on Thursday’s “The View,” during which she discussed a number of topics, including Ivanka Trump, parental leave, her new monster movie Colossal and more. Watch the full interview in the video below!

Shortly after the actress gave birth to a baby boy in March 2016, she was named a global goodwill ambassador for UN Women. “I had my son and I just felt like I could see certain things I hadn’t seen before,” Hathaway noted on the daytime talk show. “One of the things I saw is that every parent, especially every mom, no matter how she thinks she’s doing she’s doing her best.” She added, “We’re encouraged to spend time picking each other apart when really we should be looking at the institutions that should be supporting us and aren’t.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Hathaway gave a speech advocating for paid parental leave at the United Nations earlier this year, and the president’s daughter later supported the address on Twitter. Co-host Joy Behar, however, asked the actress if she found Trump’s shout out “disingenuous” because “her father has an executive order defunding planned parenthood and maternity leave.”

“What a fabulous question to have to answer on television,” Hathaway joked. “We have to be able to be honest about how we feel. We have to be honest about the way we’re being supported and people who could be doing more to support us.” The actress continued, “I’m surprising myself by saying this: it isn’t easy to be Ivanka Trump right now. I’m not sure that she can do anything right.”

As for Trump’s message of encouragement on Twitter, Hathaway said, “I did appreciate the support… I’ll work with Ivanka Trump. I don’t agree with her on everything, she doesn’t agree with me on everything. But if us putting that aside and acting like grown-ups lets people who need support and need help get it, yeah you’re right I’ll do that. Absolutely.”

Hathaway went on to talk about her new sci-fi comedy Colossal, describing it as “one of the most fun movies I’ve ever made.” She explained that the offbeat film is “about addiction for someone who had just gotten out of a really rough relationship,” but at the same time it’s “really funny monster movie.” Watch the actress’s full interview on “The View” below!

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