Anna Paquin Slams Daily Mail For Publishing Kids’ Photos

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Anna Paquin Daily Mail Kids Photos

By Andrew Shuster |

Anna Paquin Daily Mail Kids Photos

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Anna Paquin slammed the Daily Mail on Tuesday for publishing photos of her 4-year-old twins during a family outing in Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend. After the paparazzi snapped pictures of the actress at a local park with husband Stephen Moyer and their young kids, the British outlet posted the pictures as a news story.

“@DailyMail pls stop publishing pics of our kids faces,” the actress tweeted on Tuesday in response to the newspaper’s online article detailing Paquin’s day out with her family. She later added, “Seriously, there are many children of public figures who get their faces blurred out in that publication. Why not ours?” Not only did the outlet share multiple photos of the actress’s little boy and girl, but it also deemed it necessary to describe what they were wearing. It’s bad enough that photographers invaded the family’s privacy, but it’s even worse that the Daily Mail bought those pictures and turned them into a story.

But Paquin didn’t simply take umbrage with the outlet. The actress went on to call out a few commenters on the site who criticized her physical appearance. After posting a screenshot of some unkind comments about from the site’s readers, Paquin wrote, “2 #bodyshamers should I hide in my #redtent & not interact w my kids/leave house???”

As Gossip Cop reported, this isn’t the first time the actress has condemned the media for publishing photos of her children. On July 4, 2016, Paquin slammed the paparazzi for snapping photos of her kids at an Independence Day parade. As we also noted, Gossip Cop adopted Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s “No Kids Policy” in 2014, and we’ll never publish photos of celebrities’ children taken without approval.

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