Anna Kendrick And Sam Rockwell Play “Complete The Tweet” On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Anna Kendrick Sam Rockwell Good Morning America

By Andrew Shuster |


Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” during which they played “Complete the Tweet,” a game in which the actor had to guess the missing word from Kendrick’s tweets. Watch the video below!

Kendrick’s first tweet read, “Oh God. I just realized I’m stuck with (blank) my whole life.” Rockwell guessed “a pink Hummer,” but the answer was “me,” to which the actress joked, “That’s a sad day when you realize that.” The actress’s next message was one that she wrote directly to “Late Late Show” host James Corden shortly before appearing on his show. She said, “I’m getting in my car now. Hope it’s cool that I’m in a (blank).” Rockwell once again guessed “pink Hummer,” but the correct answer was “onesie.” The game went on, highlighting some of the hilarious things Kenrick has written on Twitter.

Kendrick and Rockwell co-star together in the new movie, Mr. Right, in which she falls in love with his character, a seemingly perfect guy whose one flaw is that he’s a professional hit-man. “I love this girl, she’s a psycho,” Kendrick said of her character. Asked, “What would you say to your friend if she brought home a hit man?” and the actress said her response would be, “How’s the sex? I guess. I don’t know.” She then joked, “Are we on TV right now? Oh, I’ve done it again!” Watch Kendrick and Rockwell’s “GMA” appearance below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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