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A story about Anna Faris being in "brighter spirits" now that she's dating again is fake news. Gossip Cop can confirm this purported "exclusive" was made up just to capitalize on the real news of the actress casually seeing Michael Barrett.

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier this week it emerged Faris is moving on from her separation with Chris Pratt. Barrett is the first man to whom she's been romantically linked since the former couple split. Photos of Faris and Barrett quickly spread online, and to no one's surprise, HollywoodLife wanted to reap the benefits of related traffic. And so the webloid manufactured an article about Pratt being "heartbroken" over Faris dating. Now the site has crafted a story, headlined "Anna Faris In 'Brighter Spirits' Now She's Dating Again After Chris Pratt Split," about how the "Mom" star herself feels about her blossoming romance.

"Now that Anna Faris is happily dating again after her sad split from Chris Pratt, it's even given a healthy boost to her professional life. We've got EXCLUSIVE details on how she's in great spirits on the set of her sitcom 'Mom,'" brags the outlet. A so-called "source close to the show" is quoted as saying, "It kind of felt like walking on eggshells when everyone got back to work on the set of 'Mom' [following the Pratt breakup], but everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief because not only is Anna extremely professional, she is also in much brighter spirits and everyone is attributing that to her new relationship with Michael."

The alleged "insider" supposedly goes on to tell the online publication, "Anna is smiling a lot more and is genuinely in a good mood on a consistent basis. The set is fun again and there is nothing tense about being on it. There is no weird cloud over everything, her new relationship is putting everyone including Anna at ease. It's really nice to see." HollywoodLies further asserts "everyone on the set" is "thrilled that they don't have to worry about her emotions and pain she might be going through after the shocking Aug. 6 separation announcement."

But just because Faris is seeing someone new doesn't mean the pain from her split with Pratt is gone. She can still be emotional over the demise in her marriage. And in addition to it being suspicious that someone who works on "Mom" would feel authorized to talk about Faris' love life, Gossip Cop also must point out that the contentions here actually contradict previous tales from HollywoodLies, proving that the blog's supposed sources are not to be trusted.

For instance, the webloid claimed Faris was "dreading" dating in her 40s, and quoted a "friend" as saying, "She doesn't want someone new, she wants the old Chris back." As Gossip Cop explained at the time, that was just a made-up story that was concocted to exploit the couple's breakup. There was nothing authentic about it. And it's even more clear now that the claims weren't even true. But here readers are supposed to believe a "source" is leaking to HollywoodLies how happy Faris is dating Barrett? Please.

And fans don't need an "insider" to learn the actress is in better sprits these days. Smiley photos are right on Faris' Instagram. Also, shouldn't it be obvious regardless? People in new relationships are typically happy. Who needs a "source" to come to such a readily-apparent conclusion? But Gossip Cop also sought out further confirmation that HollywoodLies' story is illegitimate. And a Faris contact, speaking on the condition of anonymity, assures us the article was made up just like the site's previous offerings.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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