An article about Anna Faris "crying daily" over her divorce from Chris Pratt is fake news that was manufactured to capitalize on the interest in the couple's recent split. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what's shamefully going on.

Ever since Faris and Pratt announced on Sunday that they are separating, HollywoodLife has spent the week pretending to have "exclusive" information about the breakup. None of the purported scoops, however, have been based on unique, inside knowledge. Rather, all the supposed insight offered was really just obvious conclusions. For instance, one such story asserted Faris and Pratt want to "protect" their son from the "pain" of their split. Well, what parents wouldn't?

And Gossip Cop was assured no one close to either star was talking about such matters with a fabrication factory such as HollywoodLies. But the webloid is apparently content to mislead people in the name of traffic. By pretending to have original content related to Faris and Pratt's separation, the site is trying to attract the attention of not just fans on social media, but also score clicks through search engine results. It's very deceptive, and that's why Gossip Cop tries to point it out whenever possible.

In this latest example, HollywoodLies is announcing, "Anna Faris Has Been 'Crying Daily' Since Announcing Divorce From Chris Pratt." First off, the couple didn't announce a "divorce." They said they've separated, and in legal terminology, those are two different things. Yet the outlet, while pretending to be in-the-know, also wrongly says in the story that they've "decided to get a divorce." That's just not accurate at this point in time.

As the piece goes on, a so-called "source" describes how Faris and Pratt are being amicable and says infidelity didn't play a role in the split. In other words, two things that we already knew from the get-go. This supposed snitch later asserts, "Anna has been crying daily since the split." That's a rather personal detail, and even if true, Gossip Cop is told that no "source" would be sharing such information with HollywoodLies.

Rather, the serial fabricators seem to be creating such claims only to exploit what is a very private situation. Any time there's a hot topic, from the silly to the scandalous, you can count on HollywoodLies to twist the real news into fake news with made-up stories. That's all that's going on here, and it's a shame.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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