Ann Coulter, “The View” Co-Hosts Fight Over Donald Trump – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Ann Coulter Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Ann Coulter Video


Ann Coulter fought with “The View” co-hosts on Monday over Donald Trump. Check out the video below.

Coulter appeared on the ABC talk show in the wake of the controversial cancellation of her speech at UC Berkley. Joy Behar now noted, “We backed up you, Ann, because we believe in free speech here.” Whoopi Goldberg also declared, “Berkley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone’s entitled to their [own] opinion. That’s the law.” But then the panelists took issue with Coulter’s free speech and her opinions.

First asked about Trump’s low approval ratings, Coulter said she doesn’t “believe” them, declaring, “I think polls, apparently, don’t work in the age of Trump.” She even said, “I still consider trump the emperor god.” Coulter insisted, “The Russia thing is insane. He isn’t attacking the media. He’s attacking the fake media. There’s so many lies about him.”

But then the panelists starting pushing back, especially Behar, Sunny Hostin and Goldberg. The group took issue with Coulter branding reliable news outlets as “fake news” and claiming Trump himself doesn’t lie. She argued, “He lied one time and I’m not gonna tell you when. He’s a BSer, he’s an exaggerator.” The co-hosts disagreed. Coulter also swore Mexico is “totally going to pay” for the border wall, and again they objected.

Jedediah Bila marveled, “You’re doing more for his cause right now that he is.” The clash continued after a commercial break, and even the studio audience was audibly reacting negatively to Coulter’s remarks. The conservative personality faced a lot of grilling from Hostin, who at one point exclaimed, “You learned that in law school, Ann!” But Coulter disagreed with virtually everything the co-hosts said, and vice versa. It culminated in Goldberg actually yelling at her as the second segment abruptly ended. Watch below.

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