Ann Coulter Slammed For Delta Feud On “The View” – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Ann Coulter Delta

By Shari Weiss |

The View Ann Coulter Delta


Ann Coulter was slammed on “The View” on Monday for how she handled a dispute with Delta. Check out the video below.

Over the weekend, Coulter ranted on Twitter for hours about being forced to give up her selected seat for another passenger. She spoke disparagingly of the airline and its flight attendants, and also tweeted out a photo of the woman for whom the seat was swapped. Many on social media criticized Coulter for posting the picture, and mocked her for coming off as privileged.

On the ABC talk show, Goldberg understood Coulter being upset with the airline, but expressed disapproval of the conservative commentator sharing the photo of the passenger. “I was right with her until I saw that,” said the moderator. Joy Behar mocked Coulter for so intensely focusing on her flight seating. “But she spent weeks and weeks planning on this seat. What is it, a cemetery plot?” cracked the comedian.

Said Jedediah Bila, “I get that she’s mad… but it was like hours of this.” She, too, expressed understanding of Coulter feuding with the airline on Twitter, even admitting, “In a fit of rage, I’ve done that.” She added, however, “But it went on for hours. And this woman could’ve gotten harassed.” And Sunny Hostin pointed out there was some irony in Coulter’s meltdown, noting, “Doesn’t Ann Coulter call people snowflakes a lot, say people are very sensitive?”

And while there have been a lot of airline controversies this year, she went on to say, “This time, I don’t think Delta was in the wrong.” Added Goldberg, “Everybody understands the mad. You would’ve had us at ‘give me my damn seat,’ if you hadn’t taken the picture and sort of opened this girl up to possible nastiness.” As Gossip Cop reported, Coulter also clashed with “The View” co-hosts in May, when she was on the show as a guest. We suspect she probably won’t want to go back at this point.

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