Was Angelina Jolie warned by a witch to lay off love spells? That's the nonsense a tabloid is trying to sell to readers online. Gossip Cop can bust the ridiculousness and explain how it came about.

Back in April, RadarOnline alleged Pitt was "freaking out" that his estranged "witchy-wife" was "casting chilling voodoo spells to ruin his life." The tale, which the actor's rep dismissed as a lie, was absurd. Then in September, Star claimed Jolie was returning to the "dark side" to get Pitt back with the help of spiritual rituals. That piece, which contended she was using "magic spells," was also bull.

Now we have Star and RadarOnline's sister outlet, the National Enquirer, announcing on its website, "Angelina Jolie — Witch Warns Her To Lay Off Love Spells." According to this new story, the actress has been "casting spells and using eerie 'tattoo binding' to win back ex Brad Pitt, but a 'powerful witch' says all the screen sorceress' conjuring is doomed to failure!" The supermarket tabloid cites Carrie Kirkpatrick, an "ordained Wiccan priestess," who supposedly claims Jolie's "spells won't work on a man who doesn't want her anymore."

"She is making a foolish mistake if she thinks she can manipulate him back into her life using magic," Kirkpatrick is quoted as saying, apparently not realizing it's the publication that looks "foolish." Kirkpatrick goes on to judge Jolie's past behavior, such as wearing a vial of blood around her neck while with Billy Bob Thornton, calling it "blood magic." She deems the Oscar winner "a bit insecure" and accuses her of manipulatively using "magic to seal the deal" with her love interests.

But there's no evidence that the two women have ever crossed paths, which means Kirkpatrick is drawing conclusions about someone she doesn't actually know. And while this woman may be telling the gossip magazine that Jolie shouldn't be doing "love spells," this purported "witch" hasn't actually conveyed that message to the star personally. And, of course, most important is the fact that all of these contentions about Jolie using "voodoo," "magic spells" and "spiritual rituals" have no substantiation.

In fact, when Gossip Cop inquired with our contacts close to her, none of them wanted to dignify this report with an official response. That's understandable given the aforementioned claptrap they also had to deal with earlier this year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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