Angelina Jolie NOT “Prepping For Wedding,” Despite Speculative Claim

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Angelina Jolie Wedding

By Shari Weiss |

Angelina Jolie Wedding

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Angelina Jolie is not “prepping” for a wedding, contrary to a completely baseless claim. Gossip Cop can bust the 100 percent wrong speculation.

It was reported this week that Jolie is buying the famous Cecil B. DeMille estate in Los Angeles. While the deal is not yet final, HollywoodLife is already speculating that the actress’ purchase may be because she’s “prepping for [a] wedding.” In its story, the site notes that Jolie’s offer on the mansion comes “amidst rumors that the actress is marrying a British businessman.”

“What do you think of Angelina’s new house? Do you think she’s prepping for a wedding?” the webloid asks readers. But news outlets, which HollywoodLies purports to be, are not supposed to ask consumers for answers. The news outlet itself is supposed to research, investigate, and report the findings.

Instead, the online publication took the information about Jolie buying the property and made an entirely unfounded connection to the Oscar winner preparing for a wedding. It would no doubt be a gorgeous place to wed, but Jolie has no plans to marry. HollywoodLies is only theorizing about nuptials because of this week’s In Touch cover story, which falsely claimed Jolie is getting married to a “wealthy Brit.”

Gossip Cop debunked that fabricated tale within hours of it hitting newsstands. In contrast, HollyoodLife picked up the allegations as legitimate and published two posts about it without bothering to fact-check first. What’s more is not only did the webloid regurgitate the misinformation, it then had the gall to make up its own article about Jolie “crushing” on this supposed “mystery man.”

And that leads us to this wedding prep story, the latest twist in what has been a 100 percent manufactured saga from the start. Jolie’s purchase of the DeMille mansion has nothing to do with getting married there, or anywhere else for that matter, because she is not getting married. HollywoodLies is peddling fake news on top of fake news.

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