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Angelina Jolie's uncle did not "tell all on family secrets" in the wake of her "bitter" divorce from Brad Pitt. A webloid is claiming to have an interview with the actress' relative, but is trying to deceive readers by misrepresenting what was said. Gossip Cop can expose this sensational clickbait from RadarOnline.

After announcing in its headline that Jolie's uncle, songwriter Chip Taylor, is telling "all" on "family secrets" following her split from Pitt, the webloid asserts Taylor "exclusively revealed" to the site "secrets of Jolie's post-Pitt life and what men she has reconnected with." The implication is that he dished some scandalous, juicy information, perhaps related to Pitt and her love life. But that's not the case at all.

Taylor explains how, after not seeing Jolie for years, her dad Jon Voight, his brother, called in September with an invitation to a premiere for First They Killed My Father. He's quoted as saying, "It was very, very good to see her." And of father and daughter currently being close again after periods of estrangement, Taylor shared, "Their relationship is good and on solid ground. It seems like a happy period of time for him right now."

He further said Jolie and her children appeared to be doing "great," and that the actress was "very relaxed" during the gathering. As for the upcoming holidays, the outlet acknowledges Taylor was "unsure of Jolie's exact plans." So, then, what "family secrets" did he "tell all" on? What are the "secrets of Jolie's post-Pitt life" and who are the "men" with whom she's "reconnected"?

Well, the only men mentioned are Voight and Taylor himself. And the only information divulged is that Taylor saw his famous niece roughly three months ago and it was "warm and nice." RadarOnline chose to deceptively package the quotes to trick readers into thinking there was some kind of bombshell revelation. The webloid has a history of doing this in order to earn clicks.

Last year, the site touted an interview with Jennifer Garner's father, announcing, "Jen & Ben Back On For Good! Her Dad Reveals How She Won Him Back." But he said nothing of the sort. In fact, to the contrary, he actually remarked, "I would prefer not to comment on her plans. Any news will come from her and not from us." And this past August, the outlet blared, "Anna Faris' Dad Reveals Truth Behind Shocking Split From Chris Pratt." In actuality, her father didn't reveal any kind of "truth" behind the breakup, and repeatedly stressed that he "can't say much" and violate their privacy.

So now this is at least the third time the publication has spoken with a celebrity's relative and then misled readers on what was said. And in this particular case, it becomes even more of a non-story when you consider that it was already known that Taylor and Voight attended Jolie's movie premiere. There's no big scoop here.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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