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Is Angelina Jolie using witch rituals so she can keep calm in court? If one tabloid story is to be believed, Jolie is using every paranormal trick she knows the get the better of Brad Pitt. This story is absurd just off its headline alone, and Gossip Cop will readily debunk it.

Scaring The Maids To Stay Calm

The_ Globe_ claims to have spoken to a so-called insider who spilled the beans on “Angie’s Voodoo Rituals” she uses “before battling Brad.” Jolie has “a meditation room with an altar, candles, incense and all kind of paraphernalia,” the tipster claims. Every night now, Joolie has a ritual where “she’s up at 4 AM and she’ll sit still in the candlelight until the sun comes up.” This tipster just described some intense meditation which isn’t really a voodoo ritual, but don’t worry, it gets dumber.

“No one bothers her in this 'chamber of horrors' because they’re still asleep and the maids are a little scared.” That sentence sounds like something a small child would come up with to startle the other kids at school. While everyone in her home is asleep, Jolie will chant “mantras to de-stress,” somehow not waking anyone up, as well as mix “potions and wear a love amulet.” The whole purpose of “these kooky aids” is so she can “maintain her steely exterior and stay focused on the prize.”

Loads Of Logic Holes Here

This story is ridiculous. This is barely original too, as Gossip Cop debunked NW back in March for saying Jolie was using witchcraft to find love. The only evidence comes from a single so-called insider, while photographs provided arent from Jolie’s home. They are literally stock photographs of “witch jars.” The tabloid uses a photo of a voodoo doll but goes out of its way to say “she’s not sticking pins into a Brad doll.” Then why include a photo of it?

Globe can’t fathom a world where Jolie is a strong woman keeping a strong face for her family, instead she evens the playing field “thanks in part to her calming rituals.” We’ll also point out that the tabloid calls the room both a “chamber of horrors” and a “meditation room,” and calls the rituals both “voodoo” and “calming.” These aren’t synonyms and conjure incompatible stories.

Jolie Explained Witchcraft Herself

Jolie has been called a witch throughout her career and even penned an essay about it in Elle before Maleficent came out. She said, “anything you couldn’t explain… could be put down to the influence of a supposedly wicked woman.” She went on to take reclaim the term, adding “‘wicked women’ are just women who are tired of injustice and abuse.” Jolie more-or-less just explained the article: Globe can’t fathom how she keeps a cool head in court, so she must be an evil witch. This is regressive, like going back centuries regressive.

Globe’s Grudge Runs Deep

This tabloid has attacked Jolie in every conceivable way. It attacked her body when it said she was “refusing to eat” following an alleged Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion. It attacked her motherhood when it said her children were angering the neighbors. It said she was a bad daughter when it claimed her father Jon Voight was desperately trying to keep her away from Aniston. Just because she played a witch in Maleficent does not mean she needs any potions to be strong. Jolie has been in court for years while continuing to act and raise six children. That kind of strength doesn't come from any "chamber of horrors."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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