A story about Angelina Jolie calling a "truce" with Brad Pitt for Christmas is inaccurate. Gossip Cop can bust this report and explain how it originated.

According to the misinformed Celebrity Insider, "things are looking up" for the estranged spouses. It's specifically alleged, "Despite the past feud between them, for the sake of their clan, the parents have called a truce and will be together for the holidays." The site adds, however, "This does not mean the ex-lovers will reconcile."

While Jolie and Pitt are most certainly not reconciling, their plans for Christmas have not publicly been revealed. As Gossip Cop has stated several times now, our contacts have intimated that such information is to remain private, at least for now, as it directly involves the children. Certainly no legitimate sources are leaking personal details about the family to this questionable site.

So where, then, did the outlet get these contentions? It is merely copying RadarOnline. As Gossip Cop noted on Tuesday, the online publication claimed Jolie and Pitt were getting "back together" for Christmas, as well as contemplating reuniting romantically. Gossip Cop busted the claims, with a Pitt confidante exclusively revealing to us, "Absolutely nothing has changed."

Despite the record being set straight, Celebrity Insider still saw fit to regurgitate the untrue allegations one day later. The blog directly quotes from the original article, never once questioning whether the information is trustworthy. And, quite obviously, the website didn't bother trying to investigate further or fact-check before spreading the wrong assertions.

Gossip Cop has actually noticed this habit quite a bit. The outlet looks to other publications, be it tabloids or webloids, and passes on their claims as if they are fact. That's why, just days ago, the site wrongly insisted Pitt offered Jolie a "big divorce settlement" of $100 million. Celebrity Insider picked up that allegation from Life & Style, and gave no consideration to whether it was accurate. It was not.

It is bad enough when the gossip magazines and gossip sites manufacture and publish these stories to begin with. But the echo chamber that then spreads the fake news just makes it worse. It crowds search engines with falsehoods and gives fans the wrong impression that something must be true because multiple places are saying it. This Christmas story about Jolie Pitt was inaccurate on Tuesday and it remains so on Wednesday, regardless of how many times it is repeated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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