Angelina Jolie NOT “Terrified” Brad Pitt Would Leave Her For Jennifer Aniston, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Terrified Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt

By Holly Nicol |

Angelina Jolie Threaten Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie was NOT “terrified” Brad Pitt would leave her for Jennifer Aniston, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s “false.”

According to the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife, Jolie “was always terrified Brad would go back to Jen.” A so-called “source” tells the webloid, “Angelina was never able to get over her obsession with Brad and Jennifer’s relationship,” and “even though she had Brad, it was like she was jealous of Jen.” “Angie knew there was some overlap in the two relationships when it came to Brad’s feelings,” further purports the outlet’s questionable insider, adding, “She knew she stole Brad and always felt a little guilty about that.”

Despite the absurdity of the outlet’s story, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation who assures us the entire report is completely “false.” Jolie was not “terrified” Pitt would leave her for Aniston during their marriage, as Jolie was married to the actor for over a decade and had six children together. It’s simply yet another fake news article seemingly fabricated by HollywoodLife.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Gossip Cop has busted the unreliable site for its stories on the Maleficent star. Only days ago, we debunked the outlet for wrongly claiming Jolie feared Pitt and Aniston would reunite. And shortly before that tall tale, we called out the webloid for falsely alleging Jolie was leaning on Jared Leto amid her divorce from Pitt. Neither report was true, and the same goes for this latest one.

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