Angelina Jolie In “Tears” Over Brad Pitt “Having More Custody” Is Fake News

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Angelina Jolie Tears Brad Pitt Custody

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Angelina Jolie Tears Brad Pitt Custody

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A report claiming to know Angelina Jolie is in “tears” over Brad Pitt “having more custody” is fake news. It is a made-up story from the same webloid that has spread inaccurate information about the estranged spouses almost every day since their split last September.

The headline of HollywoodLife‘s latest offering states, “Angelina Jolie Breaks Down In Tears Thinking About Brad Pitt Having More Custody.” According to this “exclusive,” Jolie’s “world revolves around her six kids, so it’s tough any time they’re apart,” and “the actress still breaks down in tears thinking about her ex… having more custody of them in the future.” The story alleges Jolie is “still coming to terms with the reality of not having her children around all the time.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Angelina’s not at all comfortable with the idea of being separated from her kids, just talking about it can make her cry. It’s hard for her to imagine Brad taking them all overseas without her.” Seriously? HollywoodLies is acting like Jolie has never been away from her children, and as if Pitt has never traveled alone with the kids before.

With the stars each working on films at different points, one parent would go off to shoot and another would hold down the fort. Should Pitt be awarded additional custody, it will hardly be the first time Jolie is “separated from her kids.” And given that Pitt has traveled abroad with them in the past, it makes no sense that such a trip in the future is “hard for her to imagine.” Why would Jolie need to be “coming to terms with the reality of not having her children around all the time” when she’s already lived that reality?

It seems HollywoodLies is trying to apply a normal struggle for divorced parents to an abnormal situation. It’s not uncommon for newly-divorced parents to have difficulty adjusting when one spouse has the children. Being without the kids is typically not something with which the parent is familiar. But Jolie and Pitt both have a lot of experience being apart from their kids and knowing they are in the care of the other.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been difficult for Pitt living apart from his family in the wake of the separation, or that it will be easy for Jolie should her ex get longer visitation rights. But this “exclusive” doesn’t seem to take into account their past. HollywoodLies is often so desperate to claim it has “exclusive” insight without realizing that its contentions have logic flaws and don’t jive with the stars’ real lives.

In addition, the webloid has been caught lying on many occasions, proving the site doesn’t actually have sources that know what’s going on. After its story about Pitt’s supposed Father’s Day plans with the kids was exposed as a fabrication, the outlet tried to get out of the mess it created by making up another story about how Jolie “ruined” Pitt’s plans. Jolie didn’t ruin anything but the outlet’s made-up narrative. So much of what HollywoodLies sells is, well, lies. This tale about Jolie’s “tears” is just the latest example.